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August 18, 2015    by  ‣  0 comments

Stay Safe while Learning to Fly Drones

Flying UAVs can be a lot of fun. Some of the best drones that you can buy today have controls that are simple to use. Although they are easy to use, flying them can become a very difficult task if you do not know what you are doing, or if you do not understand the various controls and modes. Read on to know the basics of flying a UAV and how to stay safe while you learn how to fly.

Simple and basic rules to follow before and during a flight

These are a few simple and basic rules of flying a drone that you should follow at all times, even after you master flying, so that you as well as people and property around you can stay safe from damage and injury.

Find a large open space without people and lots of trees to begin your flying lessons.
Ensure it is a clear sunny day with no strong winds, snow or rain.
Do not fly in open spaces that have power lines, cables or such other obstructions.
Make sure you do not get distracted during flight. Unless you are using your smartphone as a controller, keep it switched off and away from you.

Once you find a nice open space without people, property or too many trees, you can start practicing your flying. You should learn how various controls work, how to hover and when to land safely before your battery runs out and your UAV falls out of the sky.

Terms to be familiar with before you start flying

Basic controls:

Throttle is the up and down axis of controls and varies the speed of rotors to either ascend or descend.
Pitch is used to tilt the UAV either backward or forward.
Roll tilts the UAV right or left.
Yaw helps turn the UAV in clockwise and counter clockwise directions.

Common flying modes for UAVs:

Rate/acro/hard/manual mode – This is the full manual mode that is the most difficult but also the most fun.
Horizon/attitude/self-level mode – This is the auto mode where the drone levels and balances itself through internal controls.
GPS hold/loiter mode – This is the hover mode and can be a little difficult at first.

Best UAVs to learn flying

Smaller and basic quadcopters are the easiest drones to use when learning to flying. Their controls are simple and they are relatively easy to handle. Buy the ones with frames to protect rotors when you are learning, so that the UAV will be safe even if you happen to crash it. Buy a few spare rotors because there is a good chance you will end up damaging or breaking at least a few of them while you learn. Do not go for the best drone models when you are learning to fly, unless you do not mind damaging or losing an over $1000 drone.

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