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Category: cell phones

November 1, 2015    by  ‣  0 comments

An Easy Guide for Cell phone Repair

repair broken phone

Learning to handle cell phone repairs all by yourself can really be a handy proposition. However, if you are going to try repairing your phone on your own, it is important that you get yourself acquainted with the basics of cell phone repairs. Most of the times the faults and problems associated with a cell phone can be quite minor and can be repaired by adhering to some simple and basic procedures. A lot of your precious money can be easily saved that you would have to otherwise pay at a service center if some simple steps and tips are followed.
The very first thing you should do is to identify the problem. Typically there are three different types of problems that occur in a mobile phone.

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Settings

1. Setting faults: When your mobile phone has minor problems such as an inability to make a call or the phone getting switched off as soon as you open the gallery or message inbox you are experiencing ‘setting faults’. In such scenarios you should try to resolve them by restarting the mobile. This is one of the simplest and most basic tips. If the problem still persists, you have to reset back to the original factory setting of your handset.

2. Hardware related faults Hardware faults are all faults that are associated with any of the spare parts of your handset. The problems in this category may include no incoming sound or a speaker fault, no outgoing sound or a fault with the microphone, no charging, no graphics on display, no music, buttons not functioning, touch screen not working and so on. For all these types of concerns, your gadget has to be opened up in order to get the problem resolved. There are several videos on YouTube that you can refer to while opening your particular handset model for repairs.

A majority of the issues that are related to hardware can be solved by either servicing or cleaning the various components, parts or their connections. So you may have to get the connections of a particular spare part cleaned up thoroughly. We are talking about a part that is not functioning properly. You should then check the output to find out if the problem is mended or not. If it still persists then the spare part or parts may have to be replaced.

3. Software problems: This category of problems includes auto switch-off, freezing or hanging of your handset, slow processing or getting stuck during the booting process itself. You may have to format the MMC card as well as your mobile phone. If the problem still exits you may need to update or flash the operating system of your cell phone. If the fault still persists, you will have to take your phone to a good cell phone repair center.

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