Residential Synthetic Ice Products

Ok so you have made the decision that you are going to buy some residential synthetic ice and you turn your attention to doing some research. It seems that everyone has “the best”, “the fastest”, “the cheapest” or some combination. There are a few very basic questions that you may want to consider and ask those suppliers you are researching.

Almost all synthetic ice brands are made of polyethylene – with 1 or 2 exceptions. Those exceptions are not even worth discussing because they don’t work. In very general terms the lower quality, lower priced, lower durability products are extruded polyethylene sheet material. Also in very general terms the higher quality, higher priced, better durability, superior glide products are sinter pressed (sometimes referred to as compression molded).

To be fair to the industry – both extruded and sinter pressed material has their place. Since we sell both we try to be very fair in our description and opinions of each.

Picture2The telltale sign of an extruded material is the amount of plastic residue or shavings that shear off the product when being skated on. We make sure we tell people what to expect about that. If you don’t mind cleaning that up on a regular basis then you may want to consider an extruded material as generally they are less expensive. If you are thinking a smaller size surface, and if the main goal is to take shots with skates on then an extruded option might be the right one for you. Kids who are young and therefore still don’t weigh very much will likely do well on this type of surface.

Sinter pressed material is amazingly durable. You will notice very little displacement of plastic with brands that are made with a higher molecular weight polyethylene resin. These materials are really known for their superior glide ability as well – which is what also makes this material more expensive. That being said there are “mid-grade” sinter pressed products that are priced very competitively with extruded material and will also seriously outperform it in terms of glide and durability.

Like anything there are trade-offs.  If you have a reasonable budget and prefer higher quality materials with less maintenance then likely sinter pressed material is a better option. If price if your main concern, then shop around for the best extruded option.


How to Boost Your Stamina

Boosting your stamina is a matter of how the workout session plays out. For instance, fitness experts say that changing the workout pattern periodically is crucial if you’re trying to increase stamina. What happens is the body gets accustomed to workout sessions if they are not changed in a two-week period. Something as simple as switching cycling with running once in a while can help improve your stamina. This ensures that the muscles are used in different ways, and prevents them from becoming overused.

Improving endurance levels

Here are some other ways in which endurance levels can be improved.

  • Most men take a 30-90 second break between sets to recover. Giving up the recovery time can help in enhancing your endurance and stamina. Unless it isn’t physically possible to resume training without a break, it should be avoided. Breaks should be minimized as much as possible, say fitness experts.
  • A common practice among most people who work out is to have alternating strength and cardio days. Combining both workouts can pan out better, as doing just cardio workouts may not allow to increase the endurance. The more exercise that the muscles get, the more it challenges the cardiovascular system. Alternating between the two exercises in a single workout session such as bench pressing, followed by pull-ups, and then a run, and so on is advised.
  • Compound exercises work better than isolation exercises when it comes to enhancing endurance and stamina. Pull-ups, push-ups, squats and other compound exercises are preferred over isolated exercises such as leg lifts and bicep curls as far more number of joints and muscles are stimulated in the process.
  • Hybrid exercises are another good way to increase stamina. Simply put, hybrid exercises are a combination of two movements. This could be anything, such as doing lunges alongside bicep curls, pull-ups with jumps, or squats with overhead press and so on. The logic behind this is to get more muscles working in just a single movement so the cardiac muscles are stimulated, and in turn the stamina picks up.

These are just ways in which the workout can be changed to increase stamina. Some men prefer enhancing their stamina with the help of growth hormone supplements like GH Burn, as they want to avoid the possibility of injuring or overexerting themselves during a workout. GH Burn supplements can help to effectively enhance the endurance levels. GH supplementation should be done only under medical supervision